Episode #62 - Dan Katona

Tonight the boys were joined by “Dernyel” Katona, and they drank some Tito’s and club. They talked about being old and how old it is to be old, giving up an inch, Dan’s Amazon venture, customer reviews and the depravity of one star reviewers. Check out Dan’s company Barrister & Joiner over at www.barristerandjoiner.com

Episode #60 - Profundity

Tonight the boys drank Tito’s, they were joined by Rocky Calvo as a special guest producer. They discussed the California wild fires, Stan Lee, favorite super heroes, favorite beers, Atlantic City’s fighting mayor, and a bunch of other things with major profundity. Josh Green joined in for most of the convo in another segment of Going Green.

Episode #57 - Uncle Mike and Jurry

The boys are back after a mid October hiatus, they are drinking Tito’s and Leinenkugel’s Harvest Patch Shandy. A busy month led to a long catch up all the way from Titanic 2, the migrant caravan, everyone hates Joe Buck, to crushed Mega Billions dreams along the way. The boys are getting back on schedule and looking for input on guests and feedback, follow at @garden_state_revelry on instagram. DM us with topics, ideas, and guests.

Episode #56 - Tuck in your homies

Tonight the boys were joined by the one and only Uncle Oogies, Eric Hoover, who helped produce. They drank Brooklyn Oktoberfest, and Goose Island Oktoberfest. Hockey season is starting and they’re excited, Josh Green joined the conversation in a “Going Green” segment discussing his upcoming bachelor party. Pet peeves, fears, and Lindsey Lohan rounded out this night full of conversation.

Episode #49 - Going Postal

Tonight Mike and Jared drank Evil Genius Brewing Ma! the Meatloaf Mango Wit, and I Love Lamp Pineapple Hefeweizen.  Joined by Hoover as the producer sipping on a nice red, They discussed Jerry Jones, Elon Musk's surfboard, Lewis Lane's new song, "Say My Name Again" and a nice little rant by Mikey tenders about the postal service.