Episode #69 - Sean Carney

Tonight the boys were joined by local artist and friend of the show Sean Carney. They drank Manayunk brewing Coffee Crunch Porter, and Vanilla Espresso Raincloud by Foolproof brewing company. They talked about art and a bunch of other random things. Sean has a show called “Nightlife” at Cerulean gallery in Philadelphia on Feb. 16th. Check out his work at www.carneystudios.net and @carneystudios on Instagram.

Episode #62 - Dan Katona

Tonight the boys were joined by “Dernyel” Katona, and they drank some Tito’s and club. They talked about being old and how old it is to be old, giving up an inch, Dan’s Amazon venture, customer reviews and the depravity of one star reviewers. Check out Dan’s company Barrister & Joiner over at www.barristerandjoiner.com