Episode #40 - Return of the Pak

Tonight the boys drank some 40's for episode 40. They were joined by Eric Pak, one of the original producers of the show, and one of the first guests. They talked about the secret of longevity, the expanse of the universe, and what the new song of the summer is gonna be. Let us know your thoughts, whats the next jam. 

Episode #30 - Nick DiLeonardo

A special Friday night edition, the boys drank margaritas with Nick DiLeonardo. Rocky Calvo also made a special appearance in the loft. They discussed the Olympics, a new segment called "Jerkoff of the week" and Nick's take on sports, and some interesting train stories. Things got off the rails fairly quickly in this episode, enjoy.  

Episode #23 - Erin Bowman

When we write the info about the episode it usually is witty and fun, but this episode is honestly so fun you just have to listen. The oh so talented Erin Bowman joins us in the loft for a white wine filled night into oblivion. Follow her on all social media. She caps us off with a live studio performance of "Keep me warm". Follow @erinbowmanmusic